Thursday, July 9, 2009

LA Family Court Judge Harvey Silberman Indicted

What's unusual about this case, is it wasn't a federal indictment as is featured at

From the SJS website: "SJA Strategies is a full-service public affairs firm built on an idea that has become so old-fashioned it almost seems brand new: providing “High Touch” service to a select group of clients."

Is "High Touch" just another way of saying, "Bribed?"

From AP:

LA judge charged in campaign bribery case
The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES—A Los Angeles county judge has been indicted on allegations of trying to bribe his opponent to drop out of last year's race for a judicial seat, prosecutors said Thursday.

Superior Court Judge Harvey Silberman, 52, and two political consultants are accused of offering an $80,000 bribe to Deputy District Attorney Serena Murillo to back out of the municipal election, according to the indictment unsealed Wednesday.

Silberman, Evelyn Jerome Alexander and Alan Randall Steinberg, were charged with solicitation of money or valuable consideration to induce a person not to become a candidate for public office. Each face up to three years in state prison if convicted.

Alexander and Steinberg, who are partners of the public affairs firm SJA Strategies, have pleaded not guilty, said state Attorney General's office spokeswoman Christine Gastarac. Arraignment for Silberman, who's on paid leave pending the outcome of the case, has been postponed until a judge from another county is assigned to the case, she said.

Steinberg's attorney insisted his client was innocent.

"Randy's a person of outstanding character and high morals and in this case, truth and justice will be synonymous with his complete vindication," said attorney Steve Meister, who declined to comment on the specifics of the case.

Alexander's attorney said he intends to raise the "credibility and reliability" of prosecution witnessess, including Murillo, when trial begins.

A call to Silberman's lawyer was not immediately returned Thursday.

Silberman, a former court commissioner, was elected a judge in June 2008 by about 5 percentage points over Murillo. He oversees family law cases and presided over the highly publicized child custody battle between Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards.

SJS clients include:

Alan Friedenthal for Superior Court Judge (2006)
Bob Filner for Congress (re-election campaign, 1998)*

Bobbi Tillmon for Superior Court Judge (2006)*
Caprice Young for School Board (2003)
Community PAC (Independent Expenditure committee, 2006)*
Daviann Mitchell for Superior Court Judge (2006) (successfully guided into runoff election)
Donna Groman for Superior Court Judge (2004) *
Hayden Zacky for Superior Court Judge (2006) (successfully guided into runoff election)
Janis Barquist for Superior Court Judge (2006) (successfully guided into runoff election)
Kathy Wisnicki for Santa Monica/Malibu School Board (2004) *
Laura Chick for City Council (1993) *
Mike Feuer for Assembly (Democratic primary, 2006) *
Project Choice (NARAL Pro-Choice issue campaign, 1996, CA-22) *
R. C. “Buzz” Sandy for House of Delegates (VA, 1993)
Shane McLoud for Santa Monica/Malibu School Board (2002 and 2006) *
Susan Lopez-Giss for Superior Court Judge (2006)*
Wally Knox for Assembly (7-way Democratic primary, 1994) *
Yes on J & L Campaign (El Segundo 2002 – Thomas Properties Group land use campaign) *
Yes on Measure J (Hermosa Beach School Bond, 2002) *
No on A-B-C (Glendale Referendum 2004 – General Growth Properties)
No on Measure H (Agoura Hills 2002 – Home Depot)

* denotes winning/successful campaign


Airtel Plaza Hotel
American Friends of the Israel Museum (AFIM – West Coast)
Angel Flight West
Aviva Family and Children’s Services (Hamburger House)
Beth Chayim Chadashim
CARAL – South
California Aviation Business Association
California Women’s Law Center
Californians for Technology and Video Choice
Center for Voting and Democracy
Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL)
East LA Community Corporation (ELACC)
FTAC – Film and Television Action Committee
General Growth Properties
Growth Capital Associates
Hands-On-History (a project of Community Partners)
Jewish Public Affairs Committee of California (JPAC)
Landmark Aviation
Los Angeles Air Force Base Regional Alliance
Los Angeles Local Development Corporation (Los Angeles LDC)
Los Angeles International Short Film Festival
Mission Community Hospital
Morris Polich & Purdy
MWW Group
Nestor Traffic Systems, Inc. (NASD – NEST)
R & D Transportation
Ricon Corporation
Segway Human Transport
Sempra Communications (a subsidiary of Sempra Energy)
Thelonius Monk Institute of Jazz
Thomas Properties Group
Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum (Positive Vibrations After School Program)
Valley Economic Development Center (VEDC)
Valley Industry and Commerce Association (VICA)
Van Nuys Airport Association
Van Nuys Airport Helicopter Operators’ Association


  1. Harvey Silberman is a fraud as far as I’m concerned. I’ve noticed people speak either too highly or just neutral of him - But I’m sure that’s purely political.

    I am not a Silberman Supporter!

    It is within my knowledge base that Silberman regularly abused his position on the bench and has hurt many children in the process. He is not pro child, but pro child’s attorney instead.

    He allows children to be continually abused, and left in harmful situations; to further line the pockets of his friends (the child’s attorney), who is there (supposedly) in place, to protect the children’s best interest. It is my belief that this is where he receives his kickback.

    I can only say, my children were for years exposed to lewd and lascivious behavior, and “repeatedly raped” by many different men, under Silberman’s jurisdiction. Harvey Silberman “knowingly” stood by and allowed it.

    My children were forced to endure years of disgusting criminally negligent behavior, and are still suffering the consequences of his biased decision making.

    Not to mention, I had to pay $190,000 in legal fees for a front row seat of his scam. (I wonder how much of this amount ended up in the pocket Silberman)

    Where is Gloria Allred when you need her? We (my children and I) are victims if there ever were any.

    I believe it would be in the best interest of ALL children, if Harvey Silberman were not only found guilty of his current criminal impropriety, but be exposed for his countless others.

    My story is in-depth, with hundreds of photo’s, 2000 pages of court transcripts, and victims desperately speaking out.

    Clarke Coleman - A Father Crying for Help for the children who have suffered.

  2. I wonder if Harvey Silberman will get the same kangaroo court experience that he dishes out. Shakespeare quotes and all.

    What's sad is that corrupt activity is the daily business of "justice" in our courts.

    Silberman does not act alone. He is only one of many ambitious, upwardly mobile, incompetent sociopaths involved in our courts administering a twisted version of justice that suits his own aspirations.

    He is dangerous to society as a judge.

  3. Judge Harvey Silberman (Los Angeles Superior Court) is a corrupt, maniacal opportunist who will stop at nothing, I mean nothing, to get what he wants. I have pertinent information that will be grand at his trial for bribery. I agree with the above poster, Silberman does not act alone and he is indeed a vile sociopath who beguiled his way into this Los Angeles Court system under the facade of being a "good" guy fighting for the underdog. Believe me, he is FAR from being a good guy and he is as repugnant as they come. I foresee a career of lies unveiled and forever tarnished.