Friday, July 31, 2009

Toddler Cole Frazier Murdered. Sloppy Judicial and Police Work are the cause of Death.

In yet another needless child-custody murder case,

both print and television reports, failed to identify the judge who signed an order that ultimately caused the death of Cole Frazier.

Only the Lawrenceburg Police Department officers, Lt. Atkins and Officer Doty, who may have mis-read the Emergency Protection Order, were identified by media.

Lawrenceburg Police Department, in removing Cole Frazier from the custody of his mother, Candice Dempsey, and handing Cole over to his father, Timothy Frazier, (who had a demonstrated string of violent behavior) and who promptly killed Cole and himself, were identified.

The signing judge, Judge John David, "Jack" Seay, can be found on Case info is at

But another question looms. The pattern of media depriving voters of their right to know past judicial rulings has been going on for how long? And who is behind it?

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