Sunday, July 19, 2009

Judge Mary Morgan - Zen Judge gets woman killed.

While we appreciate Judge Morgan tries to work "Collaboratively" and is on record of not wanting to send people to jail, perhaps due to her love of all things Zen we cannot overlook the fact that Morgan's attitude was primarily responsible for the murder of Danielle Keller, and the orphaning of her daughter.

Ms. Keller was not murdered quick-like, by a bullet. Danielle Keller was murdered horribly, repeatedly beaten, with a baseball bat which orphaned her daughter.

Judge Morgan ignored the history of the Mitchell family, including the violent history of Defendant James Mitchell who blew off the very hearing in which he was supposed to be held accountable.

A look at Judge Mary Morgan's history reveals her to be a risk to the public. However devoted to Zen philosophies Judge Morgan chooses to remain herself, the public cannot afford the risk which Judge Morgan places them.

A reassignment to a court where the public is not at risk is best. Perhaps Probate Court where, just like Judge Aviva Bobb, (who also ignored the pleas of a child who was later murdered) Judge Morgan can address purely financial issues. Probate Court being the safest place for members of the community.

We likewise reject reporters who become accessories to defense attorney attempts to spin a murderous rage by describing the bludgeoning of someone with a baseball bat as a "crime of passion."

Attorneys can spin - however reporters are under no obligation to print gross distortions of reality for the simple reason of accuracy. Murders, especially explosive, violent murders are always about the rejection of a loss of control.

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