Saturday, November 21, 2009

PA: Judges Using Kids for Cash - IxNay on that Accountabilty Thing.

Occasionally comes a case which fairly begs for the Court of Appeal ruling to restore public confidence in the judiciary.

Caputo's 26 page ruling in the case of Former Judges Michael T. Conahan and Mark A. Cavarella, Jr. is just that case.

U.S. District Judge A. Richard Caputo's ruling should go Kaput.

File Caputo's ruling under
"This Makes Zeo sense,"
but some figure numbers and decimal points involved.

(The Legal Intelligencer has previously reported Conahan's ties to admitted felons, including reputed mob boss William "Billy" D'Elia. Multiple sources have said that Conahan and his father also had links to Joseph Scalleat and Michael "Hoppy" Carsia. According to a former member of the now-defunct Pennsylvania Crime Commission, Scalleat and Carsia ran the mob in Hazleton, Pa., for years.

The Legal Intelligencer has also previously reported that federal investigators are looking at allegations of case-fixing in Luzerne County, particularly UM/UIM arbitration cases, as well as criminal case-fixing.)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Alabama's Sex For Leniency Judge Herman Thomas

Herman Thomas, whatever were you, are you, thinking?

I dunno, seems to me, there's a statute of limitations, has its limitations.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Toddler Cole Frazier Murdered. Sloppy Judicial and Police Work are the cause of Death.

In yet another needless child-custody murder case,

both print and television reports, failed to identify the judge who signed an order that ultimately caused the death of Cole Frazier.

Only the Lawrenceburg Police Department officers, Lt. Atkins and Officer Doty, who may have mis-read the Emergency Protection Order, were identified by media.

Lawrenceburg Police Department, in removing Cole Frazier from the custody of his mother, Candice Dempsey, and handing Cole over to his father, Timothy Frazier, (who had a demonstrated string of violent behavior) and who promptly killed Cole and himself, were identified.

The signing judge, Judge John David, "Jack" Seay, can be found on Case info is at

But another question looms. The pattern of media depriving voters of their right to know past judicial rulings has been going on for how long? And who is behind it?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mississippi Judge Bobby DeLauther Admits He's Crooked.

On Thursday, July 31, 2009, Mississippi judge Bobby DeLaughter pleaded guilty to lying to FBI agent.

Earlier, sealed depositions regarding DeLaughter's anger about not being appointed a federal judgeship leaked to the press.

But on Thursday, Mississippi judge Bobby DeLaughter pleaded guilty to an obstruction of justice charge. He admitted lying to an FBI agent during a corruption investigation.

Prosecutors will recommend a sentence of 18 months.

Conspiracy and mail fraud charges were dropped.

Previously, DeLaughter had been accused of giving an unfair advantage to former attorney Richard Richard "Dickie" Scruggs; who won millions from asbestos lawsuits.

Scruggs, father and son, are in prison. Unknown, is whether they'll wind up at the same facility.

To make a report on other judges, see or,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Judge Mary Morgan - Zen Judge gets woman killed.

While we appreciate Judge Morgan tries to work "Collaboratively" and is on record of not wanting to send people to jail, perhaps due to her love of all things Zen we cannot overlook the fact that Morgan's attitude was primarily responsible for the murder of Danielle Keller, and the orphaning of her daughter.

Ms. Keller was not murdered quick-like, by a bullet. Danielle Keller was murdered horribly, repeatedly beaten, with a baseball bat which orphaned her daughter.

Judge Morgan ignored the history of the Mitchell family, including the violent history of Defendant James Mitchell who blew off the very hearing in which he was supposed to be held accountable.

A look at Judge Mary Morgan's history reveals her to be a risk to the public. However devoted to Zen philosophies Judge Morgan chooses to remain herself, the public cannot afford the risk which Judge Morgan places them.

A reassignment to a court where the public is not at risk is best. Perhaps Probate Court where, just like Judge Aviva Bobb, (who also ignored the pleas of a child who was later murdered) Judge Morgan can address purely financial issues. Probate Court being the safest place for members of the community.

We likewise reject reporters who become accessories to defense attorney attempts to spin a murderous rage by describing the bludgeoning of someone with a baseball bat as a "crime of passion."

Attorneys can spin - however reporters are under no obligation to print gross distortions of reality for the simple reason of accuracy. Murders, especially explosive, violent murders are always about the rejection of a loss of control.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

LA Family Court Judge Harvey Silberman Indicted

What's unusual about this case, is it wasn't a federal indictment as is featured at

From the SJS website: "SJA Strategies is a full-service public affairs firm built on an idea that has become so old-fashioned it almost seems brand new: providing “High Touch” service to a select group of clients."

Is "High Touch" just another way of saying, "Bribed?"

From AP:

LA judge charged in campaign bribery case
The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES—A Los Angeles county judge has been indicted on allegations of trying to bribe his opponent to drop out of last year's race for a judicial seat, prosecutors said Thursday.

Superior Court Judge Harvey Silberman, 52, and two political consultants are accused of offering an $80,000 bribe to Deputy District Attorney Serena Murillo to back out of the municipal election, according to the indictment unsealed Wednesday.

Silberman, Evelyn Jerome Alexander and Alan Randall Steinberg, were charged with solicitation of money or valuable consideration to induce a person not to become a candidate for public office. Each face up to three years in state prison if convicted.

Alexander and Steinberg, who are partners of the public affairs firm SJA Strategies, have pleaded not guilty, said state Attorney General's office spokeswoman Christine Gastarac. Arraignment for Silberman, who's on paid leave pending the outcome of the case, has been postponed until a judge from another county is assigned to the case, she said.

Steinberg's attorney insisted his client was innocent.

"Randy's a person of outstanding character and high morals and in this case, truth and justice will be synonymous with his complete vindication," said attorney Steve Meister, who declined to comment on the specifics of the case.

Alexander's attorney said he intends to raise the "credibility and reliability" of prosecution witnessess, including Murillo, when trial begins.

A call to Silberman's lawyer was not immediately returned Thursday.

Silberman, a former court commissioner, was elected a judge in June 2008 by about 5 percentage points over Murillo. He oversees family law cases and presided over the highly publicized child custody battle between Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards.

SJS clients include:

Alan Friedenthal for Superior Court Judge (2006)
Bob Filner for Congress (re-election campaign, 1998)*

Bobbi Tillmon for Superior Court Judge (2006)*
Caprice Young for School Board (2003)
Community PAC (Independent Expenditure committee, 2006)*
Daviann Mitchell for Superior Court Judge (2006) (successfully guided into runoff election)
Donna Groman for Superior Court Judge (2004) *
Hayden Zacky for Superior Court Judge (2006) (successfully guided into runoff election)
Janis Barquist for Superior Court Judge (2006) (successfully guided into runoff election)
Kathy Wisnicki for Santa Monica/Malibu School Board (2004) *
Laura Chick for City Council (1993) *
Mike Feuer for Assembly (Democratic primary, 2006) *
Project Choice (NARAL Pro-Choice issue campaign, 1996, CA-22) *
R. C. “Buzz” Sandy for House of Delegates (VA, 1993)
Shane McLoud for Santa Monica/Malibu School Board (2002 and 2006) *
Susan Lopez-Giss for Superior Court Judge (2006)*
Wally Knox for Assembly (7-way Democratic primary, 1994) *
Yes on J & L Campaign (El Segundo 2002 – Thomas Properties Group land use campaign) *
Yes on Measure J (Hermosa Beach School Bond, 2002) *
No on A-B-C (Glendale Referendum 2004 – General Growth Properties)
No on Measure H (Agoura Hills 2002 – Home Depot)

* denotes winning/successful campaign


Airtel Plaza Hotel
American Friends of the Israel Museum (AFIM – West Coast)
Angel Flight West
Aviva Family and Children’s Services (Hamburger House)
Beth Chayim Chadashim
CARAL – South
California Aviation Business Association
California Women’s Law Center
Californians for Technology and Video Choice
Center for Voting and Democracy
Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL)
East LA Community Corporation (ELACC)
FTAC – Film and Television Action Committee
General Growth Properties
Growth Capital Associates
Hands-On-History (a project of Community Partners)
Jewish Public Affairs Committee of California (JPAC)
Landmark Aviation
Los Angeles Air Force Base Regional Alliance
Los Angeles Local Development Corporation (Los Angeles LDC)
Los Angeles International Short Film Festival
Mission Community Hospital
Morris Polich & Purdy
MWW Group
Nestor Traffic Systems, Inc. (NASD – NEST)
R & D Transportation
Ricon Corporation
Segway Human Transport
Sempra Communications (a subsidiary of Sempra Energy)
Thelonius Monk Institute of Jazz
Thomas Properties Group
Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum (Positive Vibrations After School Program)
Valley Economic Development Center (VEDC)
Valley Industry and Commerce Association (VICA)
Van Nuys Airport Association
Van Nuys Airport Helicopter Operators’ Association

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hal Turner - The Voice of Madness?

Let us first state the obvious: We don't want a single judge murdered. Ever.

We likewise believe hate speech should be prosecuted because most physical violence begins with threats of violence.

Having said that, riddle us this: Why hasn't a single journalist picked up on the excellent Hal Turner example of state and federal misogyny?

Compared to women and children, how many judges have been murdered over the past two decades? Perhaps three or four judges. Compare that to the thousands of women and children murdered annually.

When did judges become more important than others?

Thus Hal Turner, (who clearly appears to have serious mental health issues) is in jail with no bond, is being treated more harshly than perpetrators who routinely, and sometime, very specifically, threaten women and children. Why?

Each year thousands of women plead with judges for protection orders or restraining order after their husband's threaten to kill them and the kids. (Women married to policemen suffer the worst.)

However, seldom are their first requests for restraining orders answered in the affirmative.

Ironically, the very same judges who ran for office on a "law and order" mandate, appear to be more worried about economic fallout for the perpetrator because a police officer deprived of his weapon could lose his job, than his or her intended victim.

Strange as it seems, judges who express enormous concern for their own safety, don't seem as concerned for the safety of others including rator who has threatened the victim, rather than the health and safety of the intended victim.

Although anyone over twelve knows the person most likely to kill you is sits across from you at the dinner table.

So, while women reporting specific intentions have trouble getting orders of protection, or restraining orders, and kids pleas are ignored, it's worth noting Hal Turner only said he *thought* judges should be killed.

We think that's hate speech and Hal should be prosecuted. But the reaction has been such a wonderful example of elitism and misogyny we just couldn't pass it up.

Judges in Nevada support AB99, which allows them to hide information that is public to anyone else. This bill supports false disclosures. When did judges become more important than average individuals?

What about false disclosure makes sense and why does it also protect prosecutors and other court personnel?

Particularly when considering in the past two decades, how many judges have been murdered compared to how many families have been murdered?

Will "seasoned journalists" cover State and Federally sponsored misogyny?

In 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled (Castle Rock vs. Gonzales) the police "aren't required" to enforce restraining orders.

But with thousands of attempted murders in this country, some husbands (or boyfriends) are arrested and almost immediately or'd or released on a low bail amount.

Some of them return home and finish the job. Not Hal Turner.

Hal Turner - with his dangerous comments and mental health issues - now finds himself off-the-air and in the clink. Why don't women enjoy the same protection as judges? Scarier still, why hasn't a single journalist picked up on the misogyny and elitism heaped on judges?

A tip for women and children.

Worried about your safety? Try to remember if your abuser ever threatened a judge. Then file a report. It could save your life.