Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hal Turner - The Voice of Madness?

Let us first state the obvious: We don't want a single judge murdered. Ever.

We likewise believe hate speech should be prosecuted because most physical violence begins with threats of violence.

Having said that, riddle us this: Why hasn't a single journalist picked up on the excellent Hal Turner example of state and federal misogyny?

Compared to women and children, how many judges have been murdered over the past two decades? Perhaps three or four judges. Compare that to the thousands of women and children murdered annually.

When did judges become more important than others?

Thus Hal Turner, (who clearly appears to have serious mental health issues) is in jail with no bond, is being treated more harshly than perpetrators who routinely, and sometime, very specifically, threaten women and children. Why?

Each year thousands of women plead with judges for protection orders or restraining order after their husband's threaten to kill them and the kids. (Women married to policemen suffer the worst.)

However, seldom are their first requests for restraining orders answered in the affirmative.

Ironically, the very same judges who ran for office on a "law and order" mandate, appear to be more worried about economic fallout for the perpetrator because a police officer deprived of his weapon could lose his job, than his or her intended victim.

Strange as it seems, judges who express enormous concern for their own safety, don't seem as concerned for the safety of others including rator who has threatened the victim, rather than the health and safety of the intended victim.

Although anyone over twelve knows the person most likely to kill you is sits across from you at the dinner table.

So, while women reporting specific intentions have trouble getting orders of protection, or restraining orders, and kids pleas are ignored, it's worth noting Hal Turner only said he *thought* judges should be killed.

We think that's hate speech and Hal should be prosecuted. But the reaction has been such a wonderful example of elitism and misogyny we just couldn't pass it up.

Judges in Nevada support AB99, which allows them to hide information that is public to anyone else. This bill supports false disclosures. When did judges become more important than average individuals?

What about false disclosure makes sense and why does it also protect prosecutors and other court personnel?

Particularly when considering in the past two decades, how many judges have been murdered compared to how many families have been murdered?

Will "seasoned journalists" cover State and Federally sponsored misogyny?

In 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled (Castle Rock vs. Gonzales) the police "aren't required" to enforce restraining orders.

But with thousands of attempted murders in this country, some husbands (or boyfriends) are arrested and almost immediately or'd or released on a low bail amount.

Some of them return home and finish the job. Not Hal Turner.

Hal Turner - with his dangerous comments and mental health issues - now finds himself off-the-air and in the clink. Why don't women enjoy the same protection as judges? Scarier still, why hasn't a single journalist picked up on the misogyny and elitism heaped on judges?

A tip for women and children.

Worried about your safety? Try to remember if your abuser ever threatened a judge. Then file a report. It could save your life.

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