Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More on Judge Thomas Bartheld's inaccurate statement to media.

Three problems with Judge Thomas Bartheld's statement, “Some people think I could have given a different sentence, and I couldn’t. In any plea bargain, where there is a negotiated plea, the court can’t change it.

First: not exactly true. Judge Bartheld signed off on it. A fact he didn't initially mention.

Second: Media is not covering Judge Bartheld's verbal, sleight-of-hand.

Third: On June 15th, we called C.J. Murphy at the Attorney General's office asking the name of the individual heading the investigation into Judge Bartheld. In fact, we called three times over a two day period as Ms. Murphy did not respond to our calls.

When we finally spoke with Ms. Murphy however, she refused to identify the person heading the investigation, remarking it was "covert." After reminding Ms. Murphy while the AG's investigation might be covert, news of it was common knowledge. Ms. Murphy eventually realized the name of the individual in charge involves the public's right to know basic information.

Thus, after two days and a couple of hours later, anyone wishing to send information to the person heading the AG's investigation of Judge Thomas Bartheld, is the very pleasant, Thomas Gruber. Information can be mailed to 313 N.E. 21st Street, OKC, OK 73105.

Fourth and perhaps most important other than Judge Bartheld's attempt to save face:

what seems clear is the DA does not trust the jury system. The DA has proven he doesn't feel confident Oklahoma jurors could suss out the truth from a child who gives testimony one way and then the other. supports legislators call for removal of Judge Bartheld.

And we're not real crazy about Pittsburg County District Attorney J.B. Miller, either.

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  1. He is the incompitent judge who set my brothets bond at 1,000,000 for a first aghravated assult!!n hes still sitting on pitsburgh co. jail as if just forgotten no more hearimgs!nothing for over a year now!! this judge needs removed now! i will be calling the attorney general!